The report reflects how the Center of Excellence in Border Security (hereinafter Center) ensures the fulfillment of the Initial Vocational Training mission of students and trainees, in accordance with the requirements of the Founder, as well as how the educational process was organized / carried out in 2019- 2020.

The staff of the Center acted to fulfill all the general and specific objectives established by the fundamental documents of institutional planning: Strategic Development Plan, Action Plan and Curriculum, so that the institution is efficient, provides quality services, and students and trainees in introductory courses receive thorough training.

 Through its entire activity, the implementation in the institution of the principles of quality management was pursued, through reform and modernization of the initial vocational training education.

It carries out its activities in an organized and planned manner. The documents for planning and organizing the activities were elaborated and updated both at the level of the Center (regulations, orders, internal dispositions, activity plans, etc.) and at the higher level, and their fulfillment was monitored by the designated officials.

We report that the general and specific objectives of the institution have been achieved, their updating being determined only by the allocated resources and by the new requirements / tasks established for the Center. The attributions and responsibilities of organization, planning and control established for the management were fully developed, having a direct effect on improving the quality of the educational process and the activities concerned. They also contributed to remedying any reported negative issues.

The councils, commissions and other bodies that function according to the normative framework in force, analyzed the fundamental problems, establishing punctual and compliant measures.

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