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Center of Excellence in Border Security – a subdivision subordinated to the Border Police of the Ministry of Interior, whose mission is to ensure the initial training and, as the case may be, the continuous training of the Border Police personnel. The initial training within CESF is organized through full-time education lasting 2 years. The general objective of the Center is to carry out the educational process for training the skills and improving the skills of border guards necessary for high-level missions of surveillance and control of the state border, mastering the provisions of legislation and applying legal rules in the field of competence. The purpose of the institution is to achieve a professional training equivalent to standard training in other European countries and to function in a process of transparency and transferability of professional skills. At the same time, the educational policy of our institution takes into account the following aspects:

  • the individual progress of the student regarding the improvement of the educational and instructive activities;
  • improving the general framework for carrying out the instructive-educational process in accordance with the requirements of the territorial operative units;
  • creating a stimulating work and learning climate;
  • guaranteeing the specialized training, both through educational offers adequate to the interest and aptitudes of the students and the beneficiary, as well as through the quality of the didactic act;
  • implementation of student-centered strategies;
  • encouraging innovation in pedagogical practice.

The staff of the institution undertakes measures to meet all the established objectives, so that the institution is efficient and efficient, provides quality public services, and students enrolled in studies and students in initial training and continue to receive effective training. The staff of the institution, through the entire activity, follows the implementation in the institution of the quality management principles through the activity of the internal evaluation and quality assurance commission (CEIAC), approved by the order of the director. The entire activity of the institution is carried out in an organized and planned manner.

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